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Overseas Voting and Voter Registration Procedures for GE14

On the 31st of January 2017, MPOZ contacted the Election Commission of Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya – SPR) seeking clarification on voter registration and voting procedures for Malaysians overseas, especially Malaysian students in Australia.

We spoke to Mr Adilin from the Electoral Process Division who confirmed Malaysian in Australia can register as voters at any Malaysian High Commission. The three Malaysian High Commissions in Australia are in Canberra, Melbourne and Perth. When asked about overseas voting procedures for GE14, Mr Adilin replied that ballot papers can only be cast at the Malaysian High Commission in Canberra. In effect this procedure would require Malaysians, including students to travel to Canberra from all over Australia. An alternative option for students suggested by Mr Adilin is they can apply to be absentee voters.

If the information received so far is true, MPOZ believes this is a step back from the 13th General Election in 2013 when Malaysian voters in Australia were able to cast their votes in Canberra, Melbourne and Perth.

MPOZ (Melbourne Chapter) previously communicated with (through email and in person) the Malaysian Consul General in Melbourne Mr Westmoreland Palon asking about this matter but no clear answers were given.

To further clarify this matter, a follow up email has been sent to the secretaries of the Electoral Process Division, the Voter Registration Division and the Malaysian Consul General in Melbourne. We will continue pressing for answers in any way we can.

Through this we hope to help educate and empower Malaysian student voters in Australia because we at MPOZ believe young Malaysians have an active role in bringing about political reform in Malaysia.

Once we receive answers from the Malaysian authorities we will communicate the exact overseas voter registration and voting procedures to Malaysian students in Australia.

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Proses Pengundian dan Pendaftaran bagi Pengundi Luar Negara Untuk Pilihan Raya ke-14

Pada 31hb Januari 2017, MPOZ telah menghubungi ibu pejabat Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia (SPR) untuk mendapatkan penjelasan mengenai pendaftaran pemilih serta proses pengundian luar negara.

Menurut Encik Adilin daripada Bahagian Perjalanan Pilihanraya, para pelajar di luar negara boleh mendaftar sebagai pemilih di pejabat High Commission. Apabila ditanya mengenai perjalanan pilihanraya, Encik Adilin menjelaskan bahawa undian hanya boleh dibuang di Kedutaan Malaysia yang terletak di Canberra sewaktu hari mengundi. Apabila disoal berkenaan pelajar-pelajar di negeri-negeri lain yang jauh dan tidak mampu untuk turun ke Canberra untuk mengundi, pihak SPR mencadangkan agar mereka mendaftar sebagai pemilih tidak hadir atau pengundi pos.

Sekiranya maklumat terkini yang diterima adalah benar, MPOZ percaya bahawa ini adalah satu langkah ke belakang berbanding dengan apa yang telah dicapai sewaktu PRU13 di mana rakyat Malaysia di Australia tidak sahaja dapat mengundi di Canberra, malah mereka juga boleh membuang undi di pejabat konsulat di Melbourne dan Perth.

Sebelum ini, MPOZ (Cawangan Melbourne) telah beberapa kali menghubungi pejabat konsulat di Melbourne berkenaan pendaftaran pemilih buat mahasiswa di sana. Walaubagaimanapun, sehingga kini tiada jawapan yang jelas diberikan.

Bagi menjelaskan keadaan, satu emel telah dihantar kepada Setiausaha Bahagian Perjalanan Pilihanraya dan Bahagian Pendaftaran Pemilih dan juga kepada Konsulat Malaysia di Melbourne.

Sebagai sebuah badan aktivis mahasiswa yang percaya dengan peranan aktif golongan muda dalam perubahan politik, MPOZ berusaha memberikan pendedahan dan pengukuhan pemilih (pengundi) terutamanya di kalangan mahasiswa mahasiswi Malaysia di Australia.

Kami mengharap pihak-pihak berwajib yang dihubungi dapat memberikan penjelasan segera agar kami dapat membantu pemilih-pemilih muda di Australia dalam menjalankan tanggungjawab dan hak mereka sebagai rakyat Malaysia.

Comments (7)

    • Hi Zhi Chuean,

      You can register to vote in Melbourne if you have never registered to vote before. Contact the Malaysian Consulate in Melbourne at +613-9573 5400 to confirm a time when they can process your registration, and turn up with your Passport, IC and proof of your student visa status (e.g. the visa confirmation letter from Australian Immigration). The Consulate staff will walk you through the papers.

      Unfortunately there does not seem to be a way for people who have registered to vote in the past to change their status to Pengundi Tidak Hadir (Absentee Voter). The consulate may have received updated instructions from SPR since we last checked so do ask if that is your situation.

      Keep in mind registration takes about 5 months. If GE14 happens within that time, you will likely not be on the roll in time. You can always go here to check your registration status: http://daftarj.spr.gov.my/

  • Hi,
    I cast the ballot for GE 13 at the Malaysian High Commission in Melbourne. I am a PR here. Can you update me of the latest procedures e.g. do I have to register for to vote again, etc?

    • Hi Kimmy,
      If you have voted before, you should still be registered in SPR’s systems now. Check https://pengundi.spr.gov.my/pengundi/ to be sure.
      If you are already registered, you can register for postal vote (the ballot will be mailed to you). Follow the instructions on our Facebook note, section 2: https://www.facebook.com/notes/malaysian-progressives-in-australia-mpoz/enbm-how-to-jomundi-if-you-are-overseas/2014383988838772/
      We have no news at the moment whether SPR will agree to set up polling booths on the day, so assume that you will be voting early by post. The rumour is that Parliament will be dissolved the moment the Fake News Bill is rammed through (expected Monday) so get your papers into their email by Sunday.
      If you are able to afford the flight home to vote, we recommend doing so, as it reduces the chance of tampering with your vote.
      Thank you for your question and we hope to see you at an event sometime. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need more clarification.

    • Hi S,
      If you will still be in Melbourne at the next election, you will be able to register at the consulate in St Kilda when EC announces it. Otherwise you can register at any time at a post office Malaysia.

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