Malaysiaku Friday Night Discussions!

Everyone is welcome at MPOZ’s fortnightly discussion group. Learn the politics and history you were never taught at school! Cut past the hype in the news! There’s no smarter way to spend your Friday evening (by which we mean, you will leave the room feeling a lot smarter). No political experience required, we promise!

In Melbourne, Malaysiaku is held every other Friday at 6pm, at the Kathleen Syme Library (next to the Melb Uni tram stop). Snacks, drinks and prayer spaces are always provided! All welcome.

Our schedule for Semester 1 is:
Mar 2: Ketuanan Melayu: A Malaysian Dilemma
Mar 16: Feminism in Malaysia
Mar 30: Film: Selfie with the Prime Minister
Apr 13: GE14 Manifesto Walkthrough
…check back for more sessions…

———————— ABOUT THE NEXT SESSION ————————
Does your vote matter? Should I just spoil my vote? Will voting make a difference? Join us for a discussion on GE14, voting, #undirosak, the Electoral Commission, and anything else you ever wanted to know about voting in Malaysia!



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